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 Private Investigators in South Africa 

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Wilson's Private Investigators provides private investigation services for individuals, Insurance companies, law firms, and corporate communities in South Africa. Our services include but not limited to: Cheating Spouse, high_tech surveillance, missing persons, national background checks, insurance fraud investigations, and high-profile clientele private investigations. With our private investigation experience and ability, we are able to resolve your most demanding assignments.

Our private investigators are highly trained professionals who will provide you with the results you are searching for. Regardless of what investigative needs you have Wilson's Private Investigators will provide reliable, confidential, and affordable services.


With our private investigators, there are no small, large or complex investigation assignment we cannot handle.


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Infidelity Investigations

Do not be the last person to have the details;

It is your right to know the truth. Whether your partner, mate, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you. Wilson's private Investigators has the suitably cheating spouse private investigator to help you. 

Corporate private investigator -investigations-internal fraud & theft


The biggest threat of any business today comes from within. Millions of Rands are lost every year to employee fraud and theft. People who makes the business to grow are the same people who are capable of bringing it down to liquidation. 

Fraud & Insurance


Any time there is a loss, you need an additional set of eyes and ears at the site. At Wilson's Private Investigators, we're here to provide you with the independent claims investigation that is necessary to paint an accurate picture of what happened. We're experienced with insurance claims and can provide you with an array of services.

Data Recovery & Phone Tracing private investigator


Private investigator which help you to spy in the phone of your suspected cheating partner. With our high-tech and sophisticated systems we will help you to capture Call Logs, GPS Locations, Instant SMS’s and many more. Hire a private investigator Johannesburg and get all the information privately. With out the subject knowing. 

Missing Persons


Are you seeking a friend who has drifted out of contact? You are trying to find a long-lost relative?  Searching for a witness or debtor? We have a team of private investigators with experience in search missing persons. Whether the person has deliberately disappeared nor hiding.... . 



Surveillance refers to using electronic, photographic, audio recording, and other technological equipment to monitor activities in a covert manner. Magnum Private Investigators employ state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and investigative techniques which are designed to ensure that evidence is obtained in accordance with applicable laws and ethical guidelines.